Continuous homogenizing stove
Continuous homogenizing stove is a kind of totally automatic heating treatment stove. During the whole course from start to end, no operators are need to watch it all the time, in addition, for the same products, a continuous homogenizing stove is quite different from a common layer stove, when homogenizing aluminum rods, aluminum rods will be heated to necessary temperature in a heating chamber, then, pass through a maintenance chamber where aluminum rods are maintained at accurate temperatures, overcoming the time needed for extending heating. The continuous operation at constant temperature will reduce the responding changes of temperature and the abrasion of continuous homogenizing stove. Its energy consumption rate is generally than common layer stove, which will reduce the consumption of basic electricity. In addition, when hot shearing is used in extrusion process, the straightening of aluminum rods becomes very important. Our continuous homogenizing stove also has the function of straightening in the course of homogenizing, and the contribution of straightening function is not to cause the reduction of output. At the last stage, aluminum rods will be heated uniformly to needed temperature in the heating chamber where the temperature of each aluminum rod will be checked automatically by thermocouple. Aluminum rods will pass through the maintenance chamber in the stove, their necessary temperatures will be maintained accurately. In the cooling chamber, aluminum rods will be exposed to preset cooling process, the cooling strength and speed can be adjusted, and all aluminum rods in the stove will be the same.

Advantages of continuous homogenizing stove
‧ Highest metallurgy quality and balance of homogenized aluminum rods; ‧ Save a lot of operation time;
‧ Will not distort during the process of homogenizing, aluminum rods will
    be straightened automatically when passing through the stove.
‧ Reliable operation, low shutdown time, and low repair cost;
‧ Low energy consumption, and low power rate.

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