Air-Lub. Casting Sysyem


few present manufacturers of aluminum round rods. At the present, most factories adopt hot-top casting equipment. In the past 20 years, every body knows that the casting equipment of air-lub. casting sysyem can produce the highest quality round rods, but it Is true that only a few factories can use this kind of equipment. The main reason why most factories are not able to adopt this kind of equipment is price. The investment cost of air-lub. casting sysyem is several times larger than that of common casting equipment. However, in order to increase the global competitive strength of local companies, Lai Ju Fu Machinery has developed an air-lub. casting system ot reasonable price, which will help factories to reach highest product quality and get largest profit.

 Air-Lub. operation theory


The air-lub. casting technology is that an air-lub. cushion is formed around casting ring though graphite ring. In the course of cooling, a layer of smooth air layer occurs, through the cooling of the cooling water inside casting die, the fastest vertical casting in vertical types is generated. Since fast cooling and perfect smooth air layer generate smooth surface and uniform inside crystal and shallow surface layer oxidized film, special cooling-water spraying holes are designed according to the physical property of aluminum water cooling and arranged in accordance with the different sizes of casting diameter, so the best cooling arrangement style is achieved, which makes casting rods get quite thin oxidizedfilm, then, after good homogenizing treatment. extrusion speed can be increased.

 Advantages of air-lub. casting


‧Thlnner oxidized film, can increase extrusion speed.
‧ Quite Short homogenized heating treatment cycle.
‧ Quite fast casting speed
‧ Very low oil consumption, can save energy and
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