Aluminum round rod stripping machine
Common extrusion production mode can not meet customers’ current demand for extrusion profiles. At present, most finished products began to use special alloy materials except 6061 and 6063. Many factories of extrusion profiles have started to manufacture special alloy extrusion. But, why they can not produce the products that meet customers’ requirements? If there is neither two much impurity problem nor ingredient problem, and extrusion production is performed according to the best process, where is the problem? The problem is: there is a layer of oxide film on aluminum rods when they are produced. The film will enter extrusion profiles with the process of extrusion and formation, and there is also oxide the surface on extrusion profiles, after a period, or if surface treatment is not proper, undesirable elements would cause the internal and external oxidation of profiles.

Stripping machine is arranged between host machine and billet furnace. After being heated, aluminum rods can directly be stripped and enter extrusion process, which can cut down the time that aluminum rods are exposed to air. At present, many extrusion factories are still using lathe turning to remove oxide film. After lathe turning, aluminum rods will be put into furnace after a period of time, and will be heated for 1-5 hours before entering extrusion. This course would cause raw materials to be exposed to air for a long time after lathe turning. The manner of lathe turning is laborious and time-consuming, and would even increase waste of materials. After lathe turning, before aluminum skimming can be used, it has to be processed melted down, which will also increase a kind of expense. If a stripping machine is used, the oxide film stripped by it can directly be formed to be aluminum ingots, which need no processing and can directly be melted down. Therefore, customers can save the cost of aluminum skimming processing and secondary ingots melting.

Every machine produced by LGF is a customized machine. Finding out the thickness of oxide film by the way of metalloscopy analysis, we will cooperate with customers to design the host machine of aluminum rod stripping machine, according to the aluminum rod materials used by them.

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